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Grocery Pecs are a large collection (over 3200) of realistic pictures designed to improve the shopping experience for families with children with autism and communication difficulties. It works exceptionally well for children who use the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) or Pic Symbols (Pics). Lets face it, the grocery store can be an overwhelming prospect for even the average family. When families are faced with the added difficulty of a child who can't communicate or has weak communication skills, the grocery store becomes a nightmare. This is especially true for children who suffer from autism, autism spectrum disorder, aphasia, apraxia and developmental delays etc.

Instead of resorting to leaving your child at home, Grocery Pecs will change your shopping experience to a pleasant learning opportunity for your child. After downloading the zip file and following the simple directions for making a picture grocery list your child will be able to see the grocery list and assist with the shopping task. They also make great "pecs of food" for learning food choices.

To view instructions on how to customize your own pec pages, click here.

     Many times when a child with autism or communication difficulties is misbehaving in a grocery store, the problem is they don't understand what products you are purchasing. (ex: you purchased ice cream last week, so they will insist on going to freezer isle). Grocery Pecs work in the same manner as visual schedules. The child is now aware of which products you are purchasing and can take part in the shopping experience. A child with a task schedule will remain much more focused on the task at hand.

To view instructions on how to make your visual grocery list, click here.

Grocery Pecs also work very well for quick stop ins for "just a few things". This is also a very confusing situation for many children. If the child sees there are only three things on the list, it is much easier for them to understand you are not getting a full cart of groceries.


To view an example of a page made with two inch pecs, click here.

To view an example of a  page made with one and a half inch pecs, click here.

To view an example of a  page made with one and a quarter inch pecs, click here.

To view an example of a page made as flash cards, click here.



Grocery pecs can be downloaded in zip format, so you can start making your customized pages right away. Each package contains over 3200 pre made boxed pictures, both labeled and unlabeled. They come in jpeg format and have been made large (6 inches), so you can choose the size appropriate for your child. All instructions are included in the package.

Grocery Pecs can also be used as picture exchange symbols. Many children who use the Picture Exchange Communication System find picture symbols easier to understand when the pictures are realistic. Pecs are also a great resource tool for ABA, behavior therapy and speech therapy.


Because Grocery Pecs come in both formats, labeled and unlabeled, instructions are included for you to label your pecs to make them suitable for your child. This is especially useful for children who speak a different language than English. They also are a great learning tool for foreign language students.

To view instructions on how to label pecs, click here.

Among the many uses for grocery pec symbols are recipe cards. If your child likes to bake and cook, recipe cards will help them understand which ingredients are needed and the order they should be used.



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