Instructions to customize your own pec pages.


The images in this zip package are in jpeg (jpg) format. They need to be imported into documents that will support jpeg images. Most word processors will support them. The following directions are given using Microsoft Word®.  

1.      Open a new document in Microsoft Word®. Click on file, then new.

2.      To maximize usage of your paper, turn on the ruler and adjust the sliders. Click view and click on ruler. A checkmark will appear beside it. Then you can manually adjust the sliders with your mouse. By dragging the tabs closer to the page edges, you will be able to insert more images.


3.      You can now begin inserting images. Click on insert, slide your cursor down to pictures and click on from file.

Choose the file you have chosen to save your grocery pecs in. Slide the tool bar down until you see the image you wish to choose. Double click on it.

4.      You can now size the image to the size you require. Click on the image to activate it. Now click on format and then picture.

A new window will open. You will now click on size and adjust the size in the height and width boxes.



Important Tips...the images are easier to cut out if you put spaces between them. Hit your space bar five or six times between each image on the same line. At the end of a line, press enter about three times to space lengthwise. If you use heavy paper (113 lbs.) and glue to construction paper with a glue stick before laminating, these picture symbols will last a long time!


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