Click on the links below to find more sites pertaining to autism and communication difficulties.


Autism Teaching Tools  a practical source for information and teaching tips for working with special 


The Call Center (Communication Aids for Language and Learning), provides specialist expertise in 
technology for children who have speech and communication difficulties.
 Autism Society Canada this site will provide you with reliable information on autism and referrals
to many helpful services and resources. You will also find news of Autism Society Canada's (ASC) recent
activities and publications.

Autism Society America Pima County offers many services for families such as support meetings, guest speakers, lending library, conferences, scholarships, listserv subscription, electronic and print newsletters, resource guides, etc.


Coachella Valley Autism Society of America   offers help

educating about autism spectrum disorder and networking with other parents and professionals.


ABA Resources    Information on treatment and therapy (including applied behavior analysis, behavioral intervention, behaviour modification, discrete trial training, or "Lovaas therapy"), special education, early intervention, and child disability resources.


Autism Spectrum Disorders   offers information and reviews on products and resources available
to assist children with autism spectrum disorders. Also has forum discussions.


Speech Language Pathology Web Sites  list of links related to Speech Language Pathology.


Sites for Teachers


    Autism Society Colorado   Useful resources for identification, intervention, treatment and support in Colorado.                                       


  Positively Autism is a free online magazine that celebrates the positives:
                                                  abilities, talents, achievements, and success stories! Free resources include
                                                  visuals supports, games, data sheets, lesson plans, and more!
   Workbook Window TM   The Learning Loft, LLC provides the
                                                           latest innovative teaching tool, specially designed for ABA discrete trial 
                                                           teaching, home school, elementary and special education. Check it out!!



    OMAC  The Organization and Management of an Autism Classroom. 
                                                  This up-to -date blog is run by a  former school psychologist who has 26 years
                                                   in the field of special education. Teeming with ideas and information.  
                                                   Don't miss this site.      




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